Tuesday, 11 December 2018

WSJT-X 2.0.0 is here

The new version of WSJT-X released yesterday introduces new functions and makes various improvements, including making the WSPR decoder more sensitive.

You can find it here


Please note that I directed everyone to the WSJT Homepage because of course you will not just want to download the suite itself but YOU WILL WANT TO READ THE NEW USER GUIDE before you use WSJT-X 2.0.0.

You will read the user guide, won't you?

Ah. Go on, go on.

Don't be like the two dunderheads I heard discussing this subject recently without the benefit of having read any guidance. I am not so good at reading these things myself but I have learned by experience - everything you need to know is in the guidance and most things people tell you about WSJT-X are wrong.

No need to believe me either, just read the guide.

I think we can take it that Joe Taylor and his team know more about this than I do.

As the latest versions of FT8 and MSK144 are not backwards compatible, the advice is to change over to the new versions now and encourage everyone to change over by the end of December at the latest. So please do that.

Nice to see that the Scottish MSK144 community are already on the right path (though it seems we still have to accept the frequency everybody uses and regard the band plan as advisory) ...

Good to see the new mode being used.

There have been warnings about this impending change-over for months now so we cannot say that we were not aware of it. I do not promote general use of release candidate versions on this site, but there have been 5 successive limited release trial versions to iron out the bugs. I do not encourage general users to download these trial versions after problems with earlier ones escaping into general use. Now that we have the "General Availability" version, off we all can go.

I have (probably forlorn) hopes that, as this upgrade answers all the issues of the meteor scatter community about contest working etc., maybe 2m meteor scatter operators will finally change over to the latest version of MSK144.

So far I have already had a QSO with 2E0RUS on 2 metres FT8 (IO91 distance 505km). The QSB did get in the way a bit but that is number one in the log at -01/-08. 40m seems to be crowded with the new FT8 mode too.

The actual changeover was fairly stressed here because it came immediately after switching the two IC-7300s over (don't ask why) and following the departure of my Kenwood TS590. Yes, I have done it again - sold my TS590. I did that before, missed it, bought another one and you couldn't rule out me doing that again either. The TS590 is very nice radio, but time marches on here and I just take notions.

Anyway, with multiple instances on one computer, and multiple configurations on each instance, it has not been a simple transition. However, it is done now.

Incidentally, it is true. That was me on Top Band recently. 160 metres. Whatever next?



EDIT Just another thought - the new FT8 mode allowed this genuine callsign - HG90MRASZ


  1. Just another thought - the new FT8 mode allowed this genuine callsign - HG90MRASZ

  2. Good to see you on 160m. Thanks for the news. I was dreaming of tubeless spoked wheels and did not know ;) 73 Bri

  3. I know ... Desmodromic valve gear make me lose the plot too.

  4. Hi Jim, I went qrt for a few weeks and came on for the Geminids on 4m and couldn't decode some massive burts. It took me 20 minutes to work out there had been a mass software switchover! Using MSHV2.02 now. Amazing how we all went at once, I thought it would be more chaotic! Nice to work you on 4m the other week by the way, I was qtf something like 90-120.
    23cms eme on the cards for 2019 due to hideous noise on 6m making it unworkable and 4m being just a little too quiet in terms of activity plus hideous noise that fortunately is not constant.
    David G0LBK

  5. David. Yes, working you should be tricky on meteor scatter but we proved it possible. I am never sure where to point the beam - should I leave it where it is when I heard you because that path must work? Should I turn towards you? Anyway,it worked this time staying at 100 degrees as you did. 23cm eme? Interesting. I'm afraid of the Doppler but maybe I shouldn't be. I was worried about how to generate power but I see that the Bulgarian transverter guy makes a 25W linear ... hmmm. 73 Jim

  6. Thanks.
    I wish to send RR73 instead of RRR
    For instance: GM4FVM IK6BAK RR73 instead of GM4FVM IK6BAK RRR.
    WSJT-X v2.0.0
    I'm getting crazy ...

    Thanks a lot, '73 de ik6bak, Eliseo.

  7. Hi Eliseo
    Yes you can change between RR73 or RRR. You just toggle between the two by double clicking on the Tx4 button.
    I prefer RRR because in RR73 mode you end the contact if the other station sends its report again and not 73. It takes longer with RRR but I think it works better.
    Everyone will do what they think is right for themselves.
    Jim GM4FVM