Thursday, 23 June 2016

Mapping log entries

I have been playing around again with mapping.

Following a tip by DH8BQA on his blog (link in sidebar) I have been experimenting with DL4MFM's log analyser.

I uploaded ADIF-format log data for those contacts I mentioned on 4m on 18 June and I managed to produce this map.
This was a lot quicker than the previous mapping system I was using but only if you do not consider the time spent creating the log. Also the map resolution is better.

I am still stuck in the land of the paper log and likely to remain so for a while yet. I come from an era when paper logs were not just the only thing around, but they were compulsory. Indeed not just compulsory for your contacts, but also for recording your frequency standard tests, your station opening times, contacts made while mobile and all sorts of other things. Old habits die hard, though at least I now only log dx, contest, or new contacts.  Keeping a log while mobile was a bit of a chore.

If I ever entered a contest I guess I would need to enter that electronically, but then I do not enter contests.

DL4MFM's analyser seems to be available to anyone and is a great tool. I guess, though, that if you entered a lot of contacts it might take a while to map them.



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