Friday, 19 February 2016

IC-7100 firmware update E5 - new compressor settings.

I see that there is another update on the Icom website.

This fifth update "E5" claims:-

• The power meter’s visibility is improved.
• The speech compressor function is improved.

The reference to the speech processor is interesting given the various reports about low power on SSB.

I installed it last night. There was a bit of a panic on and I was called away in the middle of doing it. I forgot to back up all my settings and memory channels - bah!

Anyway, the update does what it claims by updating the main CPU to version 1.11 (mine was 1.04). Also it updated the DSP I version to 1.03 (from 1.02)

Strangely it also updated the controler CPU version from 1.00 to 1.10. I say strangely because it did not say it would do that. I imagine you would have to if the power meter's visibility was to be improved.

The display does look better but I cannot really say that I see much change in the readout (it might be wider).

Anyway, I think that most IC-7100 users will be interested in the speech compressor changes. Does DSP I v1.03 offer a solution to our stated issues?

The thing is, I don't have any issues any more as I do  not use the compressor.

What I found before was that no settings of the mic gain or the compressor could produce SSB output power levels matching what I expected. Maybe that is fixed now. More tests needed, as I often say.

Does anyone who used the compressor before and has installed the update wish to comment?

In due course I will give it a whirl and see if I can notice anything different.

Right now I am too busy trying to reset all my memories.



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