Thursday, 13 August 2015

Meteor scatter was never so easy.

Today is near the peak of the annual Perseids meteor event.

For a time, it can look as if meteor scatter is just a matter of point and shoot.

QSOs, like this one with F6FDR/P in JN14 (approx 1314km) are like routine e-mails.

Sadly on some other days a meteor scatter QSO can take hours.

However, let us make hay while the sun shines.

The Perseids should be at their peak for a day or two more, so I hope to be active again.

I wrote before about PE1MXPs experiment using ISCAT-B. He was looking for meteor scatter reports on his beacon on 4m meteor scatter. Usually the beacon runs PI-RX mode, but during meteor events he runs it overnight on ISCAT-B.

Well, strangely I could not hear him on meteor scatter, but I heard him on tropo during the day. Here is the PI-RX screen :-

687km is not bad for tropo. Well done Roelf.



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