Saturday, 15 August 2015

Meteor scatter was never so difficult.

Arrrggghhh. I heard YL3HA (in Latvia) calling on 144.370 saying they were listening on 144.341. I tried for half an hour but got no response so I left it for a while.

Then I heard them again at 11:57. I thought I would give it another a try. The QSO took an hour to complete. The screen did not look tidy either.
I seemed to be sending RRRR for about 45 minutes.

Then, of course, when it came to sending 73s it all went perfectly smoothly and we finished up in ten minutes.

The great problem with trying to work someone on meteor scatter around midday is that, due to the path of the earth relative to the meteorites, your "hit rate" is reduced. So I was trying at the wrong time of the day. Believe me, I have tried at the right time (around midnight and early morning) but nobody seemed to be listening.

I suppose that I just have to work the people when they are there, even if a QSO takes an hour. It was better than the 3 hour QSO with Italy I once had on 4m.

After that - new DXCC on 2m, new square, 1625km - I got confused and tried to work Henning OZ1JXY on 4m with no callsign in the "to radio" field. That meant he had a signal and a report but no indication who from. Henning entered "check call" in the report field and I was able to find the problem.

Well, so much for meteor scatter being just a callsign and signal report mode. We then had a chat and you can see that we exchanged full rag-chew messages:-

As I pointed out to Henning, I must be getting old. If I cannot remember to send my callsign then I must be past it.

It was right for Henning to point it out to me. I have had similar instances on JT65 mode where people have missed a step in the call process, and therefore not sent me their report. Sometimes I try to point it out, but they rarely understand. But if it is not a QSO (callsigns, reports exchanged, and confirmed) then it should not stand.

Right, Perseid meteor shower or not, I am taking a break. I got up early this morning intending to work some radio but there was nobody around, and now I am showing the signs of tiredness.

Here, wait a minute. There has just been an aurora warning. K=7. 

I must have another listen.



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