Friday, 7 August 2015

40m - it is like being a child again

Silly, but true.

Discovering the combined abilities of the 40m band and WSPR is like finding Short Wave Magazine on sale in Donaghy's newsagent at Finaghy Cross Roads in 1963. Suddenly endless radio opportunities open up that I never knew existed.

Power Reported Distance
Date Call Frequency SNR Drift Grid dBm W by loc km mi
 2015-08-07 06:04  ZL3PX  7.040074  -22  0  RE66hm  +37  5.012  GM4FVM  IO85wu  18589  11551 
 2015-08-07 05:08  ZL3PX  7.040071  -24  0  RE66hm  +37  5.012  GM4FVM  IO85wu  18589  11551 

I have never worked ZL and this isn't it. This was rx only. But at least I have now heard it.

OK, I heard about 40m being a great band, but all I ever did was work a handful of G stations during the day. I suppose I never expected a hastily strung-up dipole to do as well as it has. After trying the attic antenna Brian, G0MJI, suggested that I should stick at it. He was right.

Yesterday produced one spot on 10m WSPR and one QSO on 6m JT65 (S58T). By contrast, 40m at a time of year I would not have expected much, but it produced a hatfull of stuff including both ways to Victor HS0ZKM and a lot of US states.
As I hoped, raised solar activity level (K=3), has got 10m hopping along now at 08:00. 6m also looks promising. So I need to go and deal with that.


Jim (aged 8 again)

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