Monday, 13 July 2015

Back from Canada and summer doldrums

We have been in Canada - or Nova Scotia to be more exact. A direct flight from Glasgow takes about the same time as one to the Eastern Mediterranean. It is very rare for us to venture outside Europe, so this was a special occasion for us.

Top is the clock tower in Halifax, and bottom is the St Paul Island lighthouse and museum at Dingwall, on Cape Breton Island.

This was not a radio trip, though I did see some antennas of course. A car parked next to me at the St Francis Xavier University in Antigonish with various whips, bases and an FT-857 on the dash. But that was it radio wise, apart from the brilliant satellite radio in the hire car. We do not go in for that in Europe much.

We did see a bear, which was unusual. You do not come across many bears around here. There have been calls to reintroduce bears and wolves to Scotland, but so far only some bird species and beavers have been officially returned to our habitat. Having seen a bear close up in the wild now, I think we might be able to do without them.

Moving on, yesterday was a day of solid operation on 10m and 6m WSPR. Total results for the day were:-

Power Reported Distance
Date Call Frequency SNR Drift Grid dBm W by loc km mi
 2015-07-12 18:24  EA4GDE  28.126111  -26  -1  IN80dk  +23  0.200  GM4FVM  IO85wu  1718  1068 
 2015-07-12 12:34  GM4FQE  28.126104  -28  0  IO86qg  +37  5.012  GM4FVM  IO85wu  56  35 

Two stations heard on 10m, not very strong or even very far away, and zero on 6m. Nobody heard me, on any band, all day. There was raised solar activity which knocked HF back, there was also some Polar Es which missed me, TF3ML/P was heard on 2m meteor scatter but not worked, and the resultant aurora was at 04:00 and affected ... Canada.

Still, things may improve.



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