Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Where is the DX?

Firstly VHF:-

VHF Sporadic E contacts:-

May 2011 33
May 2012 40
May 2013 37
May 2014 17
May 2015 (to date) 5

I am going to have a busy 5 days if I am to catch up the average. There has been zero for almost a week. I can see stations 500km South of me working further South, but from here it has been very bad. Normally, taking 4m, 6m and cross band contacts together, I have found an opening every third day. So far it has been one every 8.6 days.

Secondly 10m

Dire. The Solar Flux is down to 99. I waited over 20 hours between one WSPR spot and another, which is a record for me at this time of year. Not only is Sporadic E not getting this far North, but F layer dx has vanished for now.

Thirdly Conclusion.

We live and learn. I have no entitlement to good conditions, and I only learn when they vary. I actually like ups and downs. Mind you, it would be nice to have a bit of action soon.

Not worth spending £6000 on a fancy rig - if the bands are asleep it does not matter much.



  1. I hate to tell you this Jim but I had about 40 QSOs on 14/15 May on 6m. Perhaps you are not on the right QRG. 50.096 works well for me. A 4th conclusion perhaps?
    Richard GI4DOH IO74DP

  2. Well done Richard.
    Sporadic E is so selective. I have not been blessed with your propagation.
    Two things would have to change for me to share in your success:-
    1) I would need to be in GI
    2) I would need to be better at morse
    I doubt if either will change soon.
    Thanks and speak again soon.

  3. Yes - it's been a while since our last CW QSO. Remember that your PC can send CW for you and if you are searching and pouncing a Morse reader can help - it's always good to verify what it says though. It's all about getting Qs in the log by whatever means.
    Richard GI4DOH

  4. Richard
    According to my records it is 38 years, 2 months and ten days since our last CW QSO.
    I still have the keyer I used then.
    It hasn't had much use.