Monday, 18 May 2015

Japan on 10m and Lithuania again.

I was interested to see this appear on my WSPR screen:-

2015-05-18 09:58  GM4FVM  28.126090  -23  0  IO85wu  +37  5.012  VK6YS  OF77xt  14638  9096 
 2015-05-18 09:52  VK6YS  28.126063  -15  -1  OF77xt  +30  1.000  GM4FVM  IO85wu  14638  9096 

For once I had raised my power on 10m WSPR to see if I could get a 2-way to Australia. When I saw that, I adjourned to JT65 to see if I could get a "QSO" (still looking for ZL really).

This was the immediate result:-

Immediate eQSL too.

He came back to my first CQ. He was quite strong here (-11dB) so I could easily listen to the QSO on the speakers.

Setup here was the normal one ::: FT-817, RM KL-203 running about 25 watts, Gainmaster ex-CB antenna. Mode JT65 using WSJT-X software (certainly the easiest way to run data). 9296km.

I scrounged around trying to get something better but I only made it to SP5FCZ on 10m. On 12m RZ4HL answered by CQ and gave me a report but then disappeared.

I am still surprised by that morning path to VK on 10 metres. It did fail for a couple of months earlier this year, but it seems to be back on a regular basis. I have used this path to get me into East Asia on a number of occasions, and a contact into Japan still makes me happy. Someday I would like to go there, but I doubt it will ever happen.

Yesterday brought a nice JT65 QSO into Lithuania on 6 metres.
LY2VM in KO14 at 1601km. It was KO15 that I had my doubts about in 4m, but as this was 6m it is perfectly legal. Or so I think. All I can do is work them and hope all is well. On 6m I am fairly sure, on 4m I have my doubts.

The easy way to put this to rest is to work Lithuania on SSB on 4m by Sporadic E. Is hasn't happened yet. LY2VM was the only station I could hear during yesterday's event. There was nobody else on 6m, never mind 4m.

Ah, it is just another challenge.

I have been watching stations on Malta working into G-land on 4m for about a week - I bet that is going to be a difficult one too.

Last night about 21:00 there were several stations, including Chris GM4ZFI (not far away) working into Brazil on 6m. I only heard snatches, and my CW wasn't up to it anyway. I wonder what I can do about that.



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