Monday, 6 April 2015

Just a moment of early Es.

I was pleased to read this posting by Anthonie, NL8992 on the WSPR chat board:-

I had the pleasure of copiing SQ85PZK in FSK441 in full periods during what appeared a 2 min Es opening on 4meters!!

 I saw that too.

You can tell that this was Es because the signal held up for a long time - in the bottom trace almost right across the 30 second window. Not the usual meteor scatter blip. Also it gently rose and fell again, unlike the sharp start to meteor scatter blips.

I had a few doubts, but Anthonie knows a lot more about propagation than I do, and two sources is proof for me!

Hooray! Es is here this year (well, just).

Historically it was always the Es from Poland which marked the start of the season. In the dark old days before the Berlin Wall fell, we used to hear the signals of Radio Gdansk pumping out martial music on 70.26 - it was on wide FM and we were on AM so it sounded terrible!

I am still not ready - only 20 watts on 6m. Can we survive this emergency if the Es arrives? I will need to fix the old Bremi valve linear to get my 6m signal going again. Oh dear. I will need to wind a new anode choke. I am too old for that type of thing, with my bi-focals and so on. I will need a magnifying glass. Should have learned by now, having blown up two 6m linears in a row.

Today I worked SP9HWY (JO90nh 1538km) and SQ85PZK (JO92ga 1416km) on 4m meteor scatter, G4BWP (JO02ph 452km) on 4m tropo  and G0KJF (IO80mv 554km) on 2m tropo. While none of that was Es, the signs are good.

Who said the bands are always better at the weekend, especially a long public holiday weekend?

P.S. I also heard some SSTV or fax or something on 70.232. Now I wonder what that was!

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