Friday, 24 April 2015

Denmark on 2metres, 6metres Es heard and more antenna work

Last things first. The 6m antenna is now up. But the 4m vertical has come down.

These were the brackets which held up the Sirio 4m vertical. The plan was that the 6m beam would go underneath that, but it quickly emerged that this was a non-starter. The Sirio is too heavy and long. That Conrad rotator is not very strong and it would have been crazy to try. I stood on the scaffold tower and felt the weight of the whole thing and decided that it would not do. So I put up my X30 (Diamond-alike) 2 metre vertical instead. So that is done for now. I still have to tack up the rotator control cable and the coax, but that can be done later.

There is a good 75cm of mast below the brackets and this combination could go higher up if I feel I can rely on the rotator in the winds. For now, let us give it a try. Once again I made a mistake about the bottom pole. I thought that the rotator would take a 50mm diameter pole, but it doesn't. Thus it is back on the 35mm ones. The real solution is a better rotator and 50mm poles.

I now need to sort out some other 4m vertical. The Sirio is heavy but it could go on the weak bracket which the 6m beam was temporarily on (and before that the 2m vertical). The snag is, how do I put something heavy on that? OR, it could go on the main mast, but that would put a 4m vertical right above a 4m horizontal beam. Some thought required there. I asked the very helpful and wise Brian, G0MJI, who thinks that the vertical over beam thing would work but he raised the good point that I might overload the FM rig while transmitting on the SSB one. Hmmm. Don't want to blow up my fancy preamp by blasting it with 25 watts FM from an antenna 6 inches away from the beam.

Has anybody noticed that all I do is swop everything round like musical chairs?

Not as much as another ham I could name.

Nice to hear Josep, EA6SA on the beam in its new position. Proper 6 metre Es that was, but he did not hear me. IC-7100 weak audio and a blown linear, I only have myself to blame.

I did get an immediate email from a certain GM DXer, pointing out the unfairness of me finding Es after he had done a whole day's antenna work and missed it. Well, unfairness was not the word he used. I had to point out that I only HEARD Es, but it cut no ice. Some people think I lead a charmed DX life, and they may be right. Anyway, I had done a whole day's antenna work so I deserved it.

I was in Birmingham earlier in the week. I went in the train. Some of my former workmates were having a jolly so I went along. We did travel on this beast of a thing. I used to work in the rail industry, and I have to say that the level of service has improved no end since my day ...
There was nothing like that in my day. Still, the reason for this digression was that I got home on Wednesday, turned on the IC-7100 on 2 metres SSB and there was Dan OZ1BEF, followed by Thomas OV3T. I have worked Thomas before, but it was nice to get some tropo in. I thought I had missed it by going off in the train to Brum for the first half of the week. I heard Thomas for some time, but the band faded and they were gone. Nothing else heard on tropo that night, nor since.



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