Friday, 20 March 2015

More aurora guff.

Solarham says that the St Patrick's Day aurora was the most powerful event to hit Earth in this Solar Cycle. They may be right. They did a feature here .. . Solarham is a great site and deserves support.

I am going to revise my total worked in the 17 March 2015 aurora. It is down from 45 to 44.

Looking at my contact with LA3EQ, it was the last of the first wave of activity at 17:50. It was the only station not to be located South of me. I was beaming throughout the event at 50 degrees, which is right at Jan. He mentioned he had turn his beam to the West. He is just 563km from me over a sea path. The audio quality was quite good though not T5. So I think that is was mixed Auroral scatter/Auroral Es contact.

That reduces my total to 44 but then again it was part of the auroral event, so I will increase it back to 45 again. 44 auroral scatter and one mixed mode.

My best DX was OZ8ABE in JO55 square at 877km,  Over 600km were PE1COS (JO33) 632km, PA3EGH (JO21) 652km, ON5VW (JO10) 657km, PA4VHF (JO32) 710km, PE1IWT (JO32) 712km, OZ1JXY (JO46) 735km, ON4PS (JO20) 738km, OZ5KM (JO45) 741km, OZ2OE (JO45) 742km, OZ1BNN (JO55) 840km, OZ3ZW (JO54) 866km.

Hats off to EI4DQ (IO51) being the only station in "these islands" to almost break 600km, at 593km. And of course ON4ADI calling on CW made my day (as I was able to read it!!!), and in JO11 Paul is just 594km from here.

Any of those contacts on its own would be a great QSO for VHF, never mind a shed load of them making quite a day.

You do not have to be far away to be appreciated. Another choice contact was G4FVP, who I have now worked on tropo and very short skip Es, and now also on aurora. In IO94, Clive was the nearest of many G stations at 151km. I cannot hear him unless there is some sort of lift in conditions. With a call like that, Clive and I must have got our Class A licences almost on the same day. Also, G8JVM must have been pretty close to me for Class B, as I was G8JWG. Did we sit the same exam in December 1974?

Finally, closest station to me, and the only GM I worked that day, was Andy, GM4JR. Andy is also in IO85, and only 121km away. However, the path is right through the Southern Uplands, so we never work easily - but on 17 March he was blasting away at 59A +++.


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